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On A Personal Note: Romance of Rain

Today in the afternoon when the mercury was about to pop out of the thermometer, there came a gust bringing with it dark clouds filled to the brim with water. Anticipating rain, I got clothes off the washing line so that they don’t get wet. Oh! yes, I was alone at home so thought I might as well start ‘acting’ responsible.

Anyhow, as the rain started to pour, I knew this would be the ideal time open a window, let t he breeze in, watch the dance of the drops and smell the fragrance of moist soil. Having done that, I realised this is the perfect place to sit and write or rather type. I got my laptop and started typing furiously. The place I’m talking about is on the middle of a flight of stairs that has windows alongside, starting at the roof and ending at a step (on which I’m sitting). This feel as if my fantasy of visiting the Kirin Island castle (in the Famous Five by Enid Blyton) has come true, I can just hear Timmy’s woofs!

It feels just so perfect…yet there’s a feeling that something is amiss. As I continue my assault on the keyboard, I realise that cool breeze plus rain means that I should have hot coffee mug at my hand. I abandon my laptop and rush to the kitchen. I fish out cold milk out of the fridge and pour water into the coffee maker. And then the interesting part starts. I open the container in which I store coffee, away from the adversities of heat and humidity. The beans that are already roasted and ground come from farms in Karnataka and are mostly Arabica. The texture of the ground coffee is on the coarser side and the roast is between medium and dark – just the way I like it!

As the coffee is brewed and the milk is being steamed, I savour the aroma of the coffee and take in the sight of the black espresso with a rich layer of golden froth “crowning” it. With the steamed milk added to the espresso, my cafe latte is ready to be devoured. But I can’t sneak a sip just yet, I have got to reach my niche beside the window. The long walk back to the window is agonising with the aroma of the freshly brewed latte teasing my senses. “I’m gonna ‘drink’ you down as soon as I reach the window baby,” I think.

After what seems like years I reach the window, put the laptop on top of my lap raise the mug and let its aroma mingle with the scent of soil. Within a few moments the resulting fragrance puts me in a trance and in a serene, almost sedate, manner I part my lips and let them settle on the froth, not quite reaching the coffee yet, teasing my senses. Then with a sudden movement, I take the first sip and my brain explodes. Yes, I’ve died and gone to heaven and I just don’t want to come back. But down I come crashing, back to the Earth when sound of  thunder threatens to rattle my bones into dust.

My senses rush back much like blood does after numbness. It’s been a hell of a ride I think and I hop onto that  ride again with every sip. When I have drained the last drop down my throat, I feel exhausted and yet rejuvenated. Then the caffeine kicks and kicks hard and a cool wind blows in caressing my skin lightly and each and every sense is amplified. I’m on a high!

This is one of the best days of my life and I hope such das come again and again. The sinful indulgence feels like heaven.

DISCLAMER: The above text has been typed under the influence of obscenely high levels of caffeine and hence I disclaim the responsibility of harm/outrage/disturbance caused to any person living or dead, fictitious or real, senile or sane, male or female due to the remarks or opinions made herein.

NOTE: If you want to use any of these pictures on your website/blog send in a mail to me stating the nature of the website/blog and      mentioning the URL of the same. These pictures may not be used by any individual or organisation without prior consent.


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4 thoughts on “On A Personal Note: Romance of Rain

  1. You have brought back such great memories. Next time it rains im gonna think about this article and not just traffic and potholes 🙂


    Posted by AXE | April 21, 2012, 01:02
  2. well Ash, i\’m impressed 😀 I like it a lot! would u like to become a famous writer? 😛 and what hurts me much… whenever i read what you have written, i get that unpleasant impression that i don\’t know English at all… 😦 i think i told u that once…


    Posted by Aleksandra | June 2, 2009, 23:09
  3. Dark clouds- Rain- scent of the moist soil – the cool breeze- and a hot cup of coffee. What could be better! and moreover the images added with this "beautifully written piece" , rises a level of ecstasy as a sip of hot coffee would do. Liked reading it 🙂


    Posted by devika | May 30, 2009, 21:58
  4. Heartwarming to see you have a domestic & responsible side…. nice adaptation of M&B lingo 😉 Good read.. keep it up.


    Posted by Manali | May 26, 2009, 15:58

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