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Curtains for Windows

My first Lumia

There are only two Windows Phone devices that are active as of writing this, according to a study*. One of the phones has been identified as a device issued by Microsoft to an employee for work. This means that of the two persons using a Microsoft Lumia right now, one is getting paid for using it while the other is not; I am the one who isn’t, obviously. Indeed, if the study is to be believed, then I am the only person in the world who is using a Microsoft Lumia without having to do so for contractual, financial or any other such obligation. This my friends, is the epitome of charity.

Charity is the best form of service one can offer to humanity; it is the act of charity that has the power of turning water into…. Oh well, who am I to preach when I should rather make a confession: I am doing no charity! It is the force of habit and reluctance to change (pre-requisites for being religious as it happens) that has me still using the phone. Credit where due though – the Windows 10 phone OS was superlative in its heydays and delivered on its promise of making you productive like a boss! Its User Interface (UI) is still the best in business and the User eXperience (UX) is a breeze.

My first Lumia was the Nokia Lumia 710 “Sabre”. It was the first smartphone, along with Lumia 800, to feature Windows Phone 7.5 OS “Mango”. I used it for about three years. Microsoft only let the 710s upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 OS “Tango”. It was only when app-support for 7.x OSs became non-existent and the power button started causing random shutdowns that I bought a new phone – Microsoft Lumia 640 “Dempsey”. In the three intervening years, a marriage of sorts had taken place between Nokia and Microsoft and the new Lumias dropped “Nokia” to adopt “Microsoft” in their nomenclature.

The 640 has been with me for a couple of years now and for the first year at least, when there were a good number of apps, using it was an amazing experience – one which only got better after getting free Windows 10 upgrade. It still works well hardware-wise (the camera on its back can give many of the current mid-ranged smartphones a run for their money) but as with the earlier Windows Phone, no one bothers making an app for Windows Phones anymore and many existing ones are getting unlisted from the store. As there is no news on newer devices, the Surface Phone is a unicorn, and app number keeps decreasing, it is time to bid adieu to Windows Phone family. Windows on phone will be missed bitterly. Just how bitterly? Here’s a link to my old blog post about my love for Windows:

The fact that I have dedicated an entire blog post to my Lumias is evidence enough how much they meant (past tense will be applicable to my 640 in a very near future) to me. For half a decade, I had a Lumia with me for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness (especially in sickness) and in health. It is indeed its virtual death (thanks a lot Microsoft!) that is doing us apart. Goodbye Lumia, thou shalt be remembered!

*Study conducted by Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, Syldavia.



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  1. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.


    Posted by CREATIVE LIFE STAR | September 23, 2017, 17:08

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