About Ashiot

Dear fellow netizens, thank you for stumbling upon the piece of virtual estate that I call my nest on the net. In this nest of mine you will find a hoard of my thoughts, opinions or any such thing that I consider share worthy. What you will not find in my nest is boredom, serious news of any consequence or politically correct comments. In fact Humour is an inhabitant of this abode and touches anything and everything that I stash in this cache. So here’s wishing you a merry stay in my estate and wish that you return again like the birds returning to their nests. Here is what you would might be interested in knowing about me:


Ashwin Mehendale


Student, Content Writer, Editor and most importantly Blogger

Likes and Interests

  • Avid Reader
  • Coffee Connoisseur
  • Aquarist
  • Casual Coder

Blog Update Frequency

Once a week … hopefully!

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