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Beard: The Wisdom Hair

What does wisdom look like? It looks like a man, obviously. Not just any man, but a man with very specific physical characteristics. Ripe age: the more advanced the age the wiser the wisdom. A piercing gaze; blue eyes are the wisest. A bare minimum of average human height and a towering personality. A robe … Continue reading

No Is No Is No

“When a woman says ‘no’, she means ‘no’,” say women. However, a man’s ‘no’ is not as definitive, is what they say in the same breath. If this argument is presented to them (the women) in as many words, they will vehemently deny the allegation. Continue reading

Death Control

The difference between having sex and shooting with a gun is that the former results in life while the latter in death. The similarity, apparently, is that both the activities are highly pleasurable; in fact, pleasurable enough to overwhelm one’s judgement and render a person powerless to stop the autonomous car of desire crashing into … Continue reading

Life of Vacuum Cleaner

For a vacuum-cleaner, Human is the Creator, Protector, Redeemer and Destroyer. It follows that it is a vacuum-cleaner’s duty to follow the Commandments of Human subserviently to attain Salvation – a wax figure at Madame Tussauds’, or be Damned to a landfill. As there is not a single vacuum-cleaner statue on display at the said … Continue reading

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