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Pune to Lavasa on Cycle

One Hundred Kilometres, One Hell of a Ride: I had been on the road for about thirteen hours and had covered over one hundred kilometres on a cycle in that timespan. Continue reading

Just Act Naturally

In saying, “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players….”, William Shakespeare did not merely allude to the utility, or futility, of the seven ages of man but also to human capacity for drama. Continue reading

To Aadhar Or Not To Aadhar

If you are one of the paranoids that believe our democratically elected government is of the monsters, by the elites, and for mass control, this blogpost is not for you. I suggest you, if one of those, read 1984 by George Orwell before going to bed every night to strengthen your confirmation bias and dream … Continue reading

Cat Got My Tongue

I remember this one time I met a maiden on a train. She was sobbing. Being a person of good culture I inquired as to the source of her melancholy and whether there was any way in which I could placate her if not remedy the cause of anguish altogether. She turned toward me and … Continue reading

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