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Affluenza and Road Safety

So, you have been bitten by the bug of affluenza and are looking for a chauffeur to drive you to your office and back. Not to worry, this particular affliction isn’t as dangerous as it is infectious; it is a jealousy-borne disease that spreads through the word of mouth and covetous glances. Its distribution is … Continue reading

Unboxing Nokia 6

The strongest of all warriors are these two – Time and Patience”, quoth Leo Tolstoy in his epic War and Peace, and Alexander Dumas wrote: “All human wisdom is contained in these two words – Wait and Hope”, in The Count of Monte Cristo. It is the wisdom of these two gentlemen that helped me … Continue reading

Curtains for Windows

There are only two Windows Phone devices that are active as of writing this, according to a study*. One of the phones has been identified as a device issued by Microsoft to an employee for work. This means that of the two persons using a Microsoft Lumia right now, one is getting paid for using … Continue reading

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